Since 2006, Gabi Losoncy of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, has honed her skills as a Typist, Editor, and Designer for DC Press. Through her work with the Sandford, Florida-based publishing company, Gabi Losoncy has gained skills in various computer programs, including Microsoft Excel. While she previously served DC Press as a Bookseller, she has since set that part of the job aside to attend to collegiate studies.


In addition to her work at DC Press, Gabi Losoncy, a Florida native, spent most of 2010 as a Sales Associate for Country Provisions, LLC. The Great Barrington-based company operates two retail businesses: Robin’s Candy Store, a sweets shop that sells a variety of goods, including old-fashioned fudge and handmade gelato; and You Are Here, a souvenir shop. Throughout her employment with Country Provisions, Gabi Losoncy handled all aspects of a bustling retail business. In particular, she gained experience working in a busy tourist environment.


Prior to working for Country Provisions and DC Press, Gabi Losoncy served as a Teen Correspondent for the Reading Eagle newspaper in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her articles were featured in Voices, a section of the newspaper geared toward young adults. Ms. Losoncy also worked as a Caretaker at Bausman Memorial United Church of Christ in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, where her duties included babysitting, preparing charity dinners, and assisting with community events.


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